1. Set your Goal!

The first and one of the most important steps to becoming a decent programmer is identifying your reason for starting programming.

2. Choose your field

There are a variety of different types of programming. when you are figuring out how to learn programming, you need to think very carefully about what field you are planning on looking to work in.

3. Learn the basics

Like any other profession you need to know some basics before starting to program. One of the most important thing to know is what are algorithms and how they. should be designed

4. Learn a Programming language

Once you have settled on a programming field, you need to learn the languages that are relevant to that field. some of the most popular programming languages in 2020 are javascript, python and kotlin.

5. Practice!, Practice! Practice!

The key to becoming a good programmer is practice! Practice writing code from the day you start learning. Try and learn something new every single day. this is the secret of becoming a good programmer.

6. Start building a portofolio

While Practicing You need to start building a portfolio. Try to work on Real world Projects. Find some clients that your skills will meet their needs. And expand your professional network in the programming field.

Once you do A real world projects then you can apply for entry level programming jobs to gain more experience. As long as your practicing dont forget sites like stackoverflow.com which will help you so much on solving programming. Yes programming is a little bit challenging but with hard work and practicing alot will make you achieve your goals in programming.


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